Teen Tech Week arrived in the RBHS Library on Monday, March 6, 2017 with a virtual BANG which lasted all week!

Somewhere between 200-300 students, if not more, joined us in the library to try out some new tech. Library staff gave out over 220 RFID cards with lanyards, generously donated by NerdHQ , that we had them use to enter drawings all week. SONY   was the headliner, and showed up with their brand new PlayStation VR (Virtual Reality) for the kids to demo all week. Needless to say, it was an EPIC experience!

We had many mini-activities going on throughout the week, including a Tee-shirt called a Virtuali-tee, which has a corresponding app by Curiscope that was downloaded to a smart phone. When the app is held in front of the shirt, it looks like you can see the person’s insides. If the phone is brought closer, the heart can be seen beating and the different systems are labeled for further exploration–pretty amazing!  There was a QR Code secret word of the day, where the kids had to use a QR Code Reader and give the word of the day to get a drawing entry ticket. Also, Knoxlabs   provided their Cardboard Knox VR2 at cost for the RBHS FOL  (who purchased and donated the viewers) and kids were trying them out all over the library, and the school, for that matter! All 50 of those were given away in the daily drawings. On Thursday, USA3D Store brought in their newest Makerbot Replicator+ 3D Printer and set up an awesome display of items they had printed and let the kids watch some samples being 3D-Printed up close and personal. USA3D staff  were available  to answer questions on how the printer worked and what it is used for in industry. Next year we want to get the Robotics Team involved and maybe come do some demos. Kids dream larger when they get a taste of what is out there for them to work with. New innovators will emerge from where we never expected.